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Cost: $45/Kit

On Passover, families and friends across the world break matzah together, joining in a timeless celebration of Jewish freedom and nationhood. Yet each year, as we sit with our loved ones sharing good food and newfound inspiration, there are countless Jewish men, women and children who will find themselves confined and alone as they spend the holiday in hospitals, medical rehabilitation facilities, or homebound quarantine, many due to coronavirus

But not this Passover.

This Passover, a new initiative spearheaded by Chabad – has developed an innovative product to bring the Passover seder to Jewish patients who may be left out.

The “Seder-to-Go” kit was designed to bring a complete seder to Jewish patients, including all necessary food and supplies, in an elegantly designed and easily distributed package. Each kit includes a seder guide, ke’arah placemat, labeled containers for the seder plate items, Hebrew/English Haggadah, matzah bag, and a cute plastic frog (because bringing a smile to a person’s face is itself a mitzvah; and at every age it’s still everybody’s favorite part of the story). 

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