Imagine Hebrew School on Mars in the year 2070?! How would they be learning? And what would they be saying about us in 2020? Check out this awesome clip that was featured at the Aleph Awards 2020! It's worth every second!

Welcome to The Aleph Academy, an innovative after-school Jewish enrichment program, located at the beaches of the Atlantic. Our program is a trend setter in creative Jewish expression and education for children ages 5 and up. 


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  • Ready Set, Aleph Bet (Grades Pre-K, K)
  • Aleph Discovery (Grades 1st-7th)
  • Aleph Plus (Grades 8th-9th)
  • Aleph Teen Leadership Team (Grades 9th -12th staff opportunities - both volunteer and pay)
  • Aleph Scholars (A Higher Learning Track Option)
  • Aleph Adults (Hebrew School for Parents, Hebrew Reading Crash Course, Judaism 101)
  • Aleph Champ Motivational Hebrew Reading Program (for all ages)

Aleph Add-on's

  • Aleph Art Room Jewish Holiday Art with a local Artist
  • Aleph Action Community Service and Social Action Volunteer & Fun

The Aleph Circle

  • Join the Aleph Circle and partner with us as we Secure the Jewish future.
    The gift that keeps giving - $360 to Aleph Academy scholarship fund.